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Razi Sports Academy Pakistan (RSAP), is established to guide our youth boys & girls to play a substantial role for their lives as well as for a virtuous name of the country through sports.

Earlier we were working in one sport “Badminton” and accomplished with remarkable achievements at national level but the trust of the national sports community encouraged us to extend it over different other sports including “Para Sports” too.

Para Sports are real an inspirational work and before proper induction we did start it on experimental grounds since 2015 and first time our academy took part in 25th National Sports Festival for Special Persons (Persons with Different Abilities) at Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Now in 2022, after an experience of eight years learning the difficulties of disabled RSAP feel pleasure to announce a vast platform for all Para Players, Polio affected and Wheel Chair User (Male & Female) to enjoy sports activities with us.

Women sports need to have special attention to develop In Pakistan. Keeping in view their social and religious bindings, RSAP kept on top priority to promote female sports in an atmosphere where they can feel free to enjoy and participate in their favorite sports.

Finally, RSAP consider the “Peace” is the most important area to work on with dedication using sports as a vital tool. Our peace building programs, advocacy, training to train and seminars, are open for all to participate from nationwide and abroad.