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The basic concept of an academy is Education & Training in the respective field. As the Razi Sports Academy (RAS) is working on sports so we included two more important departments like Medical and Research in sports.

2024 is set the historical year to formal announcement of the new departments “Medical & Research”. We feel proud to be the pioneer academy in Pakistan with these mentioned four departments. There is a very long working (2008 – 2023) behind to establish such an institution that may fulfil the actual requirements for the development of sports in the country.

The objective of Education is to equip an athlete regarding his / her own necessities for the development of the sports that he / she involved in. It includes Knowledge of Sports, Technical and Tactical Aspects, Diet and Nutrition, Physical Fitness for the Game, Healthy Life Style, Guide to Prevention from Injuries / Rehabilitation, Self & Targeted Training Plan and Impairment of Doping in common use or in sport.

Training Department is to arrange short / long training camps under highly qualified staff (Nationwide / Abroad) to guide an athlete to improve his / her standard according to national or international.

RSA have its own Medical Staff and Physiotherapist (Male / Female) to care academy’s athletes in connection with some renowned Hospitals in this regard while Research Department is the key to success in sports. RSA will support young scholars to find worldwide Project in the particular Sports, Sports Sciences and Physical education.

RSA believe in equal opportunities and merit for all, either gender and disabled.

Physical Educationist, Researchers, Sports Teachers, Coaches, Players, Person with different abilities and Sports Journalists may join us and can enjoy our world-wide sports academies / universities network to enhance their knowledge.

Excel in sports for Pakistan.   

Good Luck

Raziuddin Ahmad, CEO / Founder (RSA)